1 big reason each DeAndre Hopkins suitor won’t sign star WR

Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots

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DeAndre Hopkins

Arizona Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins. (Syndication: Arizona Republic)

DeAndre Hopkins is the hottest free agent out there after being released. But some of the biggest teams linked to him have big reasons not to sign him.

The Cardinals couldn’t find a trade partner to ship out DeAndre Hopkins so they started the weekend by releasing him. Now, half of the NFL is being linked to the former All-Pro.

Fans all over the country have found reasons to dream of signing a shiny new target. Hopkins is without a doubt the most intriguing free agent to follow this summer. He’s fed into it all by naming quarterbacks he admires, spawning rumors on rumors.

But only one team is going to actually manage to sign him, leaving most of those dreamers disappointed. And realistically, it’s already clear why most of the teams will miss on him.

Let’s run it down…

1 big reason each DeAndre Hopkins suitor won’t sign star WR

Chiefs and Bills: The price won’t come down

The Chiefs and the Bills were among the biggest teams linked to Hopkins after he was released and for good reason. Both have elite quarterbacks the receiver would love to play for and both reportedly tried to make a trade happen.

They also both have the same issues: Limited salary cap space and the need for Hopkins to take less money.

Hopkins may want to play for a contender, but who doesn’t?

Time and time again we’ve seen players ultimately chose the bigger contract on a non-contender rather than actually taking the pay cut. And Hopkins is sure to have offers from teams with more financial flexibility to draw him away from his stated desire to catch passes from Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen.

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