Bills fans think DeAndre Hopkins’ latest tweet is a Buffalo hint

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Buffalo Bills fans think DeAndre Hopkins’ goodbye Arizona Cardinals tweet is somehow about them.

With DeAndre Hopkins being released by the Arizona Cardinals, he could sign with any number of NFL teams, including the cash-strapped Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo needs to clear space in a hurry, simply because roughly $1.65 million isn’t close to enough for a supposed top-five receiver in the game. Given that the Bills already have issues with No. 1 wide receiver Stefon Diggs not showing up for OTAs, I can say the dollars don’t make sense to bring even a supremely talented playmaker like D-Hop into the mix. Of course, it would be so cool!

But what about the picture? Yes, the confounded photo collage Hopkins tweeted out thanking Arizona for somewhat of a good time, but not a long time at all. Sure, he is slapping hands with Devin Booker courtside, but you know what isn’t there? A picture of Hail Murray! His unbelievable grab from Kyler Murray came against the Bills. Why would he share the picture if he is going there?

My hair isn’t even dry after getting out of the shower, but I am putting my tinfoil hat on, baby!

Buffalo Bills fans are convinced DeAndre Hopkins is going to sign with their team

Even though Hopkins has Josh Allen on his quarterback wishlist, I’m really struggling to see how the finances will work in signing him. Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have built themselves one helluva playoff contender, but we do have to wonder if the team has hit its definite ceiling. Buffalo was the Super Bowl favorite entering last year and the Bills lost at home in the divisional round.

Besides, I think the Bills need to focus on having somebody else be able to run the ball besides Allen. You don’t want to accelerate the deprecation of your greatest asset like the Carolina Panthers did with Cam Newton. Beane and McDermott saw that first-hand in Charlotte, but old habits die hard sadly. Anyway, Hopkins to Buffalo would be sweet, but it won’t make a difference.

Overall, Buffalo signing Hopkins is essentially going for broke. It may work out initially, as with what we saw out of the 2021 Los Angeles Rams. Unfortunately, I tend to think paying a premium for a possibly declining player to come to a team with a Super Bowl window that is beginning to close is a disaster waiting to happen. Prove me wrong, but the long-term risk outweighs the reward.

Maybe the reason for the Hail Murray picture absence in the tweet is that there isn’t a good one.

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