Davante Adams reveals how he tried to recruit Aaron Rodgers to the Raiders

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Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams wanted Aaron Rodgers on his team in Sin City, though it wasn’t meant to be.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or something like that. However the saying goes, Davante Adams pulled out all the stops to get Aaron Rodgers to ditch his Packers green for Raiders silver and black.

Rodgers was up for grabs this offseason prior to accepting a trade to the New York Jets in similar fashion to his predecessor, Brett Favre. That’s how the NFL works sometimes. Rodgers only has a few years left in his Hall-of-Fame career — heck, he can’t even commit beyond this season — so Green Bay dealt him elsewhere.

All is well and fine, and surely Rodgers will go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame wearing Packers colors. But, for now, Adams is thinking about what could have been.

Davante Adams wanted Aaron Rodgers to join him with Las Vegas Raiders

“I would even go as far as trying to make it happen,” Adams told The Ringer. “Having that distance, and time away, kind of made me miss him.”

The pair would play rounds of golf in Vegas in the offseason, and Adams owned up to trying to talk shop with Rodgers. In the end, though, his attempts failed. Business is business.

“I don’t take it to heart,” Adams said of Rodgers not ending up in Las Vegas. “It is what it is. I left. You gotta make your decisions sometimes.”

What made last season so productive for Davante is he succeeded without Rodgers. The two are linked at the hip as friends, and performed well together on the gridiron in Green Bay. However, by no means did Adams need Rodgers. He had one of his best seasons last year with Derek Carr and Jarrett Stidham throwing him the football.

Sometimes, change is needed. With Adams balling out in Vegas on a new contract and Rodgers taking one last chance on a Super Bowl run in New York, it could work out well for both parties.

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