NFL Rumors: Joe Burrow contract gets major hints dropped

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is now eligible to ink a contract extension, and based on recent reports, he’s leaning more toward the team-friendly kind.

The Cincinnati Bengals know what’s coming: a massive contract for the one and only, Joe Burrow.

The former Comeback Player of the Year and future MVP contender is the reason the Bengals have advanced to at least the AFC Championship round in the last two years, and whether it’s now or later, Burrow is going to get paid.

This offseason saw quite a few elite quarterbacks get their bag. Burrow’s AFC North rival, Lamar Jackson, successfully convinced the Ravens to pay him a market-resetting deal while Jalen Hurts was officially branded the Eagles’ franchise signal-caller with his own long-term extension.

The Bengals’ front office could look toward those two as a baseline for Burrow’s future contract, yet Burrow himself isn’t even looking in that direction. He’s got his teammates’ best interests at heart, making him all the more beloved by the city of Cincinnati.

The teammates Burrow likely refers to are Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase: Higgins is an impending free agent after the 2023 season, and Chase will be eligible for a new contract at that time, too.

Keeping the trio together has been a tried-and-true recipe for Cincy’s offensive success, so it’s no wonder Burrow wants to make sure there’s enough money to go around.

Joe Burrow’s contract details revealed: He’s taking one for the team

At Tuesday’s media availability, Burrow said his future contract is “in the works” but that he didn’t want to publicize it too much. His teammates weighed in and attested to Burrow’s generous character, saying that Burrow “wants to look out for the people around him.”

It’s worth noting that “guaranteed money” is separate from the salary cap, and Burrow gunning for more guaranteed money doesn’t necessarily mean his teammates will get less. His personal worth is separate from how much he costs against the team’s salary cap.

Burrow’s noble sentiment still plays a happy melody to his teammates’ ears, and him setting an example by putting the team’s best interests above everything else will be one of many reasons the Bengals go far in 2023 and beyond.

Anybody who doubted Burrow’s abilities as a leader need not doubt anymore.

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