Chiefs schedule leak 2023: Opening night opponent possibly revealed

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We know the Chiefs schedule for 2023 will have the champs playing on Thursday for NFL Opening Night, but their opponent might’ve been leaked.

As the reigning Super Bowl champions, we know that the Kansas City Chiefs will be in action on the NFL’s Opening Night, a Thursday Night Football game to kick off Week 1 of the 2023 season on Sept. 7. Arrowhead Stadium is sure to be rocking, no matter who is coming to town.

While fans are waiting for the Chiefs schedule to drop with the rest of the league on Thursday, May 11 to find out the particulars, though, there might’ve been a leak as to which team will have the unkind task of opening the year against Patrick Mahomes and Co.

According to Twitter user @LionsRoyalty, the Detroit Lions will be in action on Opening Night in Kansas City to take on the defending champions.

Chiefs schedule rumors 2023: Lions coming to Kansas City on Opening Night

If you’re wondering about the validity of this Chiefs schedule rumor, this Twitter user has a multi-season track record of getting quality, correct leaks for the Lions in regard to their schedule. Given that, it’s one leak that should be believed more than some others.

As for the potential matchup between Kansas City and Detroit, that’s an extremely fun one. We know that Andy Reid’s team is set up to be a contender for yet another Super Bowl in the Mahomes era, but the Lions could be a legitimate threat in the NFC as well. With the talent they’ve accrued, specifically working to rebuild the defense this offseason, this could be a helluva matchup to kick off the 2023 season.

Frankly, let’s hope this turns out to be true. Chiefs vs. Lions is going to be a great matchup and one that we should be excited to get the season started with.

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