Ryan Tannehill reminds people he’s a QB, not a babysitter

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One year later, Titans’ Ryan Tannehill is still running away from the thing he hates most: mentoring young quarterbacks.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill still doesn’t want to mentor rookies. Insecure, much?

Last offseason, Tannehill got some heat for his comments about then-rookie quarterback Malik Willis, telling the media he didn’t think it was his job to mentor Willis.

After Tennessee drafted another young and doe-eyed quarterback in Kentucky’s Will Levis, Tannehill more or less echoed the same sentiment. He made a point to remind people that his job was “to go out and win games,” though he stopped short of repeating the savage words he spoke about Willis a year ago.

The Titans traded up to nab Levis in the second round of the draft after Levis suffered a dramatic slide out of the first round. Once hailed by many as a top-ten pick, Levis nonetheless was considered an ideal selection by Tennessee and could compete for starting snaps as soon as this season.

Ryan Tannehill once again sticks up his nose at mentoring duties

Last year, Tannehill started 12 games and recorded career-lows across the board, ceding his spot to Willis when he went down due to injury.

At 34 years old and with a ginormous $36 million cap hit for 2023, there were some rumors that the franchise would restructure the veteran’s deal this offseason. As it stands, Tannehill is currently set to become a free agent after the upcoming season.

The last four years in Tennessee have been mostly kind to Tannehill, bringing out some of the best seasons of his NFL career; however, given the Titans’ disappointing 2022 campaign and blatant inability to compete with the other AFC heavyweights, change could be on the way.

Tannehill’s stubborn refusal to mentor young quarterbacks isn’t that uncommon — Brett Favre did the same treatment to Aaron Rodgers at Green Bay, and Rodgers turned out just fine.

Then again, Favre was playing at a Hall-of-Famer level with the Packers. The only recognition Tannehill might get is the Most Insecure Quarterback Ever, and many Titans fans are praying for the day that Tannehill, forever known as a painfully average quarterback and unwilling mentor, leaves the franchise for good.

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