Bryce Young’s Panthers arrival forces Matt Corral to change his number

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Bryce Young takes the No. 9 jersey on the Carolina Panthers away from his backup Matt Corral.

Like Shane Falco, Matt Corral’s life has totally unraveled since losing big time in the Sugar Bowl.

Corral was a mighty fine player for Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss. Although he got dinged up a bit during the draft process two years ago, an injury in the Rebels’ New Year’s Six bowl vs. Baylor was the start of a downward spiral we never imagined. Corral went from maybe a first-round pick to most definitely not. He suffered a season-ending injury in the preseason. Now, he must give up No. 9…

With top pick Bryce Young joining the Carolina Panthers, he will rock the No. 9 jersey. All the while, Corral will have to be who No. 2 works for in Charlotte now.

Life isn’t fair, but man, is Corral having a rough go of it ever since that ill-fated Sugar Bowl…

Bryce Young takes Matt Corral’s number and all, continuing his NFL nightmare

Look. Even if you are The One in another universe, somebody has to scrape the barnacles off the bottom of someone else’s yacht. San Dimas High School football may forever rule, but John Wick, Johnny Utah and most definitely that guy from The Notebook ain’t walking through that door. But like any man whose life is starting to resemble Falco’s, like Gloria Gaynor once sang, I will survive.

Even if you are starting to feel like Cake, you Fashion Nugget you, you are not the dessert you once thought you were. You are the mud stuck to the bottom of someone else’s Vans along for the ride! You are not going the distance, and you sure as hell are not going for speed. But we all do want a man who gets up early and stays up late who will trade in their MG for a white Chrysler LaBaron!

(Na na na na na na, na na na na na na! Na na na na na na, na na na na na na!)

Short leashes, long jackets be damned, I hope it works out for Corral. I feel like we are definitely are living in a simulation again. We saw this same sort of stuff unfold with Mason Rudolph in Pittsburgh. A man thought to be the heir apparent, but is just Cake, dude. If you want proof that we are in fact living in a simulation, why else did Frank Reich draft a quarterback under 6-foot-3?

Carolina is forever Young, but Corral hasn’t been down this bad since fighting Wayne Gretzky’s son.

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