Falcons fan snaps at 28-3 chants from Patriots contingent at NFL Draft (Video)

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If there’s one thing Falcons fans are sick of hearing, it’s a certain score line. Too bad the rest of the league won’t shut up about it.

Atlanta Falcons fans just can’t catch a break. That one tragic Super Bowl against the New England Patriots from six years ago still haunts the entire state of Atlanta as if it happened yesterday, and the Falcons will never live down the humiliation.

It should come as no surprise that the Falcons fanbase felt the shame of that agonizing defeat during the 2023 NFL Draft, when some Pats supporters started a rowdy 28-3 chant in the middle of Atlanta’s seventh round selection.

What may be surprising, though, is that the Falcons superfan who was announcing the pick grew a backbone and snapped back, telling the Pats contingent that the joke was bland and unoriginal.

In the Falcons’ defense, yes, the 28-3 running gag has become one of the most oft-used insults in the league but, well, it did happen. The Falcons did blow that lead, and the team on the losing end of the worst blown lead in NFL history shouldn’t expect much pity.

Falcons superfan becomes a legend, fires back at 28-3 chant during NFL Draft

With the 224th overall pick, the Falcons selected safety DeMarcco Hellams, and the superfan, dressed head to toe in a snazzy Atlanta suit, tried to drop the mic after his announcement.

The TV announcers could only chuckle in response to the fan’s attempt to silence the haters.

Does he deserve respect for standing up to the New England mob? Probably. Will the 28-3 jokes ever end? Definitely not.

The Falcons have a fresh season to look forward to in 2023, but even if Desmond Ridder somehow leads this team deep into the playoffs, the 28-3 quip will never get old, not to those stone-cold Pats souls anyway.

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