NFL Draft Rumors: Bears assistant GM fuels buzz of shocker at No. 9

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The NFL Draft is just days away, and the Chicago Bears are scheduled to pick at No. 9 after trading with the Carolina Panthers, or are they?

Following the 2022 NFL season, the Chicago Bears, by having the worst record in the league, secured the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

However, they then traded it to the Carolina Panthers for a bundle of picks, including No. 9 overall and wide receiver DJ Moore.

But what will they do with that pick? While there are a bevy of options, Bears assistant general manager Ian Cunningham raised some eyebrows when asked about the possibility of taking a running back — most likely Bijan Robinson — with the ninth overall pick.

What? A running back at No. 9? As in Texas running back Bijan Robinson? If that happens, Bears fans, as much as they have a fetish for running backs, would lose their minds if Chicago took Robinson because the trenches were not addressed.

But if someone was to trade up with Chicago and take Robinson? Now that would be interesting, yet the desperation for a running back in the Top 10 is not what it once was.

NFL Draft Rumors: Bears taking a running back in Top 10 would be a mistake

Chicago would be wise to trade down from No. 9 to recoup more draft capital to help fill holes for an abysmal roster. They could also stay where they are and take an offensive lineman to help protect Justin Fields.

But trading down would be better because the more swings you have, the more chances you have of finding more players that can help build the foundation for your team and help with free agency pitches. That said, Chicago has to hit on those picks, or nothing matters. Drafting a running back in the Top 10 does not solve Chicago’s issues.

Hopefully, Cunningham is trying to entice another general manager to panic and give the Bears hefty draft capital to move up. There’s always someone desperate to make a splash and will bet the farm to do so. Chicago needs to take advantage of that. Get more picks and use them well. That’s the script; sticking to it is the way to go.

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