Predicting whether or not Aaron Rodgers will be traded by end of NFL Draft

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Aaron Rodgers could be traded by the Green Bay Packers at some point during the NFL Draft.

With the 2023 NFL Draft taking place next weekend in Kansas City, all eyes will be on the Green Bay Packers over what they want to do about their Aaron Rodgers situation.

While Rodgers has expressed his interest to want to keep on playing in the NFL, Green Bay has made it abundantly clear that the Packers want to move forward with Jordan Love as their starting quarterback. Rodgers stated it would be his preference to be traded to the New York Jets while appearing on The Pat McAfee Show in the early stages of free agency, but it takes two to trade…

Ian Rapoport of The NFL Network reported New York and Green Bay have re-engaged in trade talks surrounding Rodgers in the lead-up to next weekend’s draft.

With the Tennessee Titans also emerging as a possible landing spot for him as well, let’s discuss the overall likelihood if Rodgers is dealt before we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and have a good time.

Predicting if the Green Bay Packers trade Aaron Rodgers during 2023 NFL Draft

Of all the potential marquee players who could be traded at any point during the 2023 NFL Draft, I lean heavily on Rodgers being the guy who switches teams first. It has everything to do with the Packers and Rodgers wanting this breakup to happen. He has said what he wants to do. Green Bay has made its intentions abundantly clear. I think the major issue has everything to do with the Jets.

Again, it takes two teams to make a trade happen. While Brian Gutekunst has had a very long runway to negotiate terms with Joe Douglas, I still have some reservations over the I’s being dotted and the T’s being crossed. The Jets have been mired in dysfunction for pretty much all of my adult life, so why in the hell should I ever trust them? This is where the Titans come into this.

For as good as the Jets could be with Rodgers coming aboard, I feel that the Titans are a better landing spot for him. He fits Nashville culturally and should have a great rapport with his new head coach Mike Vrabel. His best friend A.J. Hawk is a fellow Ohio guy who loves ball, so he knows what he is getting into. They have a new general manager in Ran Carthon, so he adds a level of mystery.

Where it does get a little complicated with the Titans is the Derrick Henry trade rumors broken by fellow CAA client Akbar Gbajabiamila about King Henry going to the Philadelphia Eagles. Could Tennessee use the Eagles’ No. 10 pick to help bring Rodgers to Nashville? The only thing that complicates things is Tennessee may not be able to draft Texas’ Bijan Robinson at No. 11 overall…

Robinson, who would be the ideal replacement for Henry in the Titans offense, could go to former offensive coordinator Arthur Smith’s upstart team down the road. The Atlanta Falcons are picking No. 8 overall, for what it’s worth… Although Rodgers coming to Nashville and forming a backfield partnership with Henry or Robinson would be stellar, there are too many moving pieces in all this.

That’s why I anticipate the Jets and the Packers shoving a square peg through a round hole by Thursday evening. This is all about getting either a first-round pick or substantial draft capital to Green Bay in exchange for the former Packers’ star quarterback. Even if they have had all this time to iron out the details, it’s going to be a hot mess, 100 percent. This trade will break the NFL Draft.

Look for Rodgers to still be wearing green next year, but play somewhere else that is not Nashville.

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