Dak Prescott giving significant input in Cowboys’ draft decision

Dallas Cowboys, NFL Draft

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Dak Prescott may play a role in the Dallas Cowboys’ decision-making process when it comes to the 2023 NFL Draft.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is the face of the franchise, so it comes as no surprise that The Joneses are letting him have a little input on their draft-day plans.

David Moore of The Dallas Morning News revealed that Prescott has been given tape on a few wide receivers the Cowboys might end up selecting in the 2023 NFL Draft. Given that he will be the one throwing them the football, this makes all the sense in the world. Although Prescott is not the most talented player in the game today, his leadership, poise and demeanor do set him apart.

While he thinks it would be cool if the Cowboys end up taking one of the wide receivers he likes this spring, he is more appreciative of the front office allowing him to have some input in all of this.

Given that The Joneses do a fantastic job of drafting players, Prescott will obviously defer to them.

Dallas Cowboys allowing Dak Prescott to have input in the 2023 NFL Draft plans

At this point in the Cowboys’ competitive life cycle, they should be competing for championships. Not just NFC East division titles, but conference championships and Super Bowls. While Dallas has not had issues qualifying for the playoffs in the Prescott era, getting to the NFC title bout has been beyond pulling teeth. Anything other than a final four appearance in the postseason will not cut it.

Truthfully, Prescott may not ever be good enough to bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Dallas-Fort Worth. However, with the right pieces around him, he could potentially be a one-off Super Bowl champion. You can visualize the confetti falling from the sky down on him, as he openly weeps in a state of pure elation. Unfortunately, the Cowboys need to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in-division.

Philadelphia could suffer a Super Bowl hangover, but even if that were the case, the San Francisco 49ers are menacing over in the NFC West. Let’s also not overlook the fact that somebody in conference will come out of nowhere this year to be a real threat. We don’t know who it is just yet, but be forewarned. Frankly, even if Prescott gets his new favorite weapon, it may not be enough…

Ultimately, you do have to appreciate how well The Joneses take care of their players in-house. It is a huge reason why everybody and their brother wants to go play for the Cowboys. However, the mom-and-pop shop feel of the league’s biggest brand has always diminished their overall upward trajectory, especially when Jimmy Johnson was ousted and Bill Parcells did not get his way either.

Dallas could be on a shortlist of Super Bowl contenders, but for now, they remain a hype machine.

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