Mac Jones injury looks even worse after concerning postgame photo emerges

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Mac Jones suffered a lower-body injury against the Ravens, and images after the game only heightened the fear of what could be coming. 

If, when watching the end of the Patriots game, you thought quarterback Mac Jones’ leg injury looked terrible, what’s next would be considered frightening.

Jones suffered the injury late in the loss against Baltimore and had to be helped off the field. From the following image, you can clearly tell this is no common injury and that the second-year quarterback is in literal pain.

Yikes. No doubt Jones is in pain. Not only is he struggling to even move with his other leg, but the injured leg? It looks excruciating.

Initial tests on Jones’ injured ankle were negative, which is positive.

Jones is still being evaluated.

Patriots QB Mac Jones injury looks bad

The Patriots were flat-out disgraceful against the Ravens at times, Jones included. Still, when something like this happens, you can’t help but hope the guy will be okay. Some things are bigger than football.

Moreover, it’s another bad omen in the post-Brady era in New England. What Bill Belichick decides to do after this happened remains to be seen. Though it is early in the season, and fourteen games remain, the AFC East isn’t a joke with Miami and Buffalo coming into their own.

Here’s hoping Jones will be all right and can make a fast recovery, but the image of him in pain looks rough, and for his sake, we hope it’s nothing major.

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