Sean Payton doesn’t sound like he’s sprinting to rescue Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints

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Former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton may not take over the Dallas Cowboys next season as many have speculated he would. 

Ever since Sean Payton shocked New Orleans and left the Saints team he had coached since 2006, there were speculations as to why he decided to leave at this particular moment.

One reasonable assumption was to think that Payton wasn’t done with coaching: he just wanted to lead a different team instead.

Then there were reports that Payton expected to coach the Miami Dolphins in a massive deal that sought to involve Tom Brady. That deal fell through, but there were still questions as to whether or not Payton would eventually return to take over one of his former teams: the Dallas Cowboys.

Critics have lamented the ineptitude of Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, wondering aloud when exactly he’s going to get replaced. Now, there’s a familiar face to associate with his potential replacement, and Payton’s brilliant work with the Saints over the years would be welcome in Dallas.

However, those waiting on Payton may have to wait a little longer than expected — if he even comes to Dallas at all.

Speaking with NewOrleans.Football’s Nick Underhill and Mike Triplett, Payton expressed contentedness in his current state.

“I really enjoy what I’m doing right now, more than I thought. If the right situation presented itself, I would definitely be interested. There’s no utopia when it comes to teams, but if it was the right situation, I’d be interested in that.

That all being said, that could come in a year. That could come in two years. In the meantime, you get immersed in what you’re currently doing. You want to be good at it and not just doing it, so I’ve kind of just been focused on that.”

Former Saints coach Sean Payton may not rescue the Dallas Cowboys after all

There is one ray of hope for Cowboys fans looking for McCarthy’s replacement: Payton finally felt a twinge of jealousy as he watched former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians on the sideline versus the Saints in Week 2.

“This past weekend’s game against Tampa was the first time I had a version of FOMO,” Payton said. “I was jealous of everyone there, including random Bruce Arians on the sideline.”

Could that fear of missing out push Payton back into coaching? It’s too early to tell, but at least fans know that the game of football itself could certainly reel Payton back into wielding a clipboard.

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