Bills finally cut Matt Araiza amid disturbing rape allegations

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Bills finally cut Matt Araiza amid disturbing rape allegations.

The Buffalo Bills have finally done what the fans and critics have been calling for since the news broke of the Matt Araiza lawsuit.

He’s been cut from the team.

“Bills have informed rookie punter Matt Araiza that he is being released, effective immediately. Araiza has been accused along with two others of gang raping a 17-year-old girl last year in a civil lawsuit filed on Thursday,” NFL insider Adam Schefter tweeted on Saturday.

The Bills were waiting due to ‘legalities’

According to other reports the team wanted to do it sooner but “legalities” kept them from making it official until now.

Just yesterday Araiza was present at a pre-season game, but he didn’t play.

Speculation circulated on Thursday night when Araiza’s lawyer said in an interview that the Bills were aware of the allegations before Draft Day. He later clarified that statement with FanSided saying that he misunderstood the original question.

“I did not realize until this morning when I watched it back that I obviously misheard the question,” Kerry Armstrong told FanSided on Friday afternoon. “Araiza had no idea of the allegations at the time of the draft in late April of this year. In fact, he did not learn of them until the first L.A. Times article came out several weeks ago. And that is when he retained me.It is my understanding that Araiza then informed the Bills of these allegations in late July or early August of this year.”

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