Troubling signs indicate Mike Gesicki is on the way out of Miami

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New supports suggest the Miami Dolphins are interested in trading tight end Mike Gesicki, but there may not be buyers with his franchise tag stipulations. 

The departure of defensive mind Brian Flores made way for Mike McDaniel, but it appears the arrival of one Mike could mean another Mike will be displaced.

PFF’s Doug Kyed shared details on how and why the Miami Dolphins are seeking a trade for tight end Mike Gesicki. NFL reporter Dov Kleiman pointed to two troubling signs in Gesicki’s game: the fact that he’s playing in the preseason and the fact that he’s not adept at blocking.

Usually, NFL veterans don’t see much time in the preseason for fear of injury, but the early games are an opportunity to those who are struggling for a place on the roster. Apparently, Gesicki is fighting to prove his worth to Miami, all while the team is fielding offers from other teams for comparable compensation.

Miami Dolphins shake up their offense in seeking Mike Gesicki trade

To Kleiman’s point, there could be potential for a team to utilize a player like Gesicki in their offense if there are few options at wide receiver.

As for the Dolphins, there are now plenty of receiving options in McDaniel’s new offense. The team traded for Tyreek Hill, expects another big year out of Jaylen Waddle, and signed former Cowboys wide receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. to their ranks.

However, Gesicki’s battle to remain in Miami isn’t quite done yet. Miami Herald Dolphins reporter Daniel Oyefusi describes an incredible catch by Gesicki that illustrates what he can offer the Dolphins.

Former Chiefs offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz criticized McDaniel for failing to figure out. away to utilize Gesicki, suggesting that McDaniel was forcing Gesicki into a Kittle-like role.

“There’s only one Kittle, good luck finding another for that type of offense,” Schwartz said.

It’s also important to note that Miami’s leverage in a deal is limited due to the fact that the team franchise tagged him in the offseason. Anyone who trades for him wouldn’t be able to extend him beyond this season, making a trade deal a challenge for the Dolphins.

While prospective Gesicki trades are making the rounds, whether or not Gesicki will be out of Miami remains to be seen.

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