Deshaun Watson’s first public apology isn’t convincing fans at all

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Deshaun Watson’s first public apology isn’t convincing fans at all.

On Friday, The Browns posted an interview with Aditi Kinkhabwala and Deshaun Watson, in an attempt to share an apology from Watson to the women who are accusing him of sexual assault.

“Look, I want to say that I’m truly sorry to all of the women that I have impacted in this situation,’’ Watson told Kinkhabwala during the Browns Countdown pregame show before the Jaguars game. “The decisions that I made in my life that put me in this position I would definitely like to have back, but I want to continue to move forward and grow and learn and show that I am a true person of character and I am going to keep pushing forward.”

But it didn’t quite go over the way that the team and Watson had probably hoped it would.

Fans ripped Deshaun Watson and the Browns for apology

“I wouldn’t feel that comfortable next to him,” someone tweeted.”Wait, he’s sorry? What’s he sorry for? I thought he said he didn’t do anything?” a fan asked. 

“This isn’t even a real apology, who set this up? Did you think this would help, Jimmy?” someone else wrote.

“Obvious PR move and preempting the new ruling, he can point to this and say “see I have remorse”. Disgusting but not surprised,” another fan commented.

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