Watch: Massive fight erupts at Giants training camp, punches thrown

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Check out the New York Giants fighting each other during training camp practice.

The sword was mightier than the pen at New York Giants training camp on Monday, as a massive fight broke out amongst the G-Men.

To be fair, we haven’t seen this much fight out of the Giants since Junior Floyd and Becky “The Icebox” O’Shea beat the Cowboys to claim Urbania for their own. I mean, the Giants did win two Super Bowls since then with Eli Manning, but that’s not the point. The point is New York continues to resemble little more than a 4-13 football team, no matter who is running the show for them.

Here is what the fight looked like live from Giants training camp on Monday morning.

Apparently, Jon Feliciano and Tae Crowder were the biggest culprits in all this. Cam Brown was a major player too, but Feliciano takes the cake, as the offensive lineman literally punched his offensive line coach Bobby Johnson in the head!

This whole kerfuffle was set up by often-injured star running back Saquon Barkley being a tad too physical with his shoulder when making contact with Aaron Robinson. Brothers fight all the time, but the Giants gotta start winning some games, man.

All the while, the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Commanders sit back and laugh at the Giants’ increasingly regular inability to get ever their stuff together.

New year, same New York Giants, as a massive fight breaks out at training camp

Even with Brian Daboll bringing some of that Buffalo grit with him downstate, he has to realize he will have his work cut out for him in year one at the helm. The good news is the longtime Bills offensive coordinator stemming off the Saban/Belichick tree was largely seen as the best first-time head-coaching candidate in last year’s cycle. It was not without controversy, but here he is!

Admittedly, New York is going to be a better football team than it was year ago after two seasons of Joe Judge nonsense. The Giants may be picked to finish last in the NFC East, but at least Daboll will not make Daniel Jones run laps for making mental mistakes or call a quarterback sneak buried deep in their own territory long after the season has been cooked. Let’s appreciate the little things.

Ultimately, the only way the Giants are going to get out of their perpetual quagmire is if they do better in the next few NFL Drafts. Jones is not for long in The Big Apple, but there is belief the Daboll and Joe Schoen partnership can return the Giants to glory in short order. In the meantime, let’s refrain from screaming ourselves Tom Coughlin purple after seeing this team defeat itself.

Nothing says no playoffs for you like an offensive lineman punching his position coach in the head.

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