Kenny Pickett believes he’s coming along nicely already for Steelers

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Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett says he is feeling more comfortable.

Drafted out of Pitt to be Ben Roethlisberger’s heir apparent, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett believes he is making great progress in his first NFL training camp.

Pickett said he noticed a difference between his first week at training camp and now firmly in his second. Whether it is comfortability or getting used to the speed of the NFL game, these are positive signs for the Steelers’ first-round pick. Factor in Pittsburgh being more of a defensive-minded team for the time being, and it is easy for Steelers fans to get excited about his remarks.

The goal is for Pickett to eventually overtake Mitch Trubisky to start games in his rookie season.

Kenny Pickett notices big changes for him during Pittsburgh Steelers camp

Let’s be real. Pittsburgh did not draft Pickett to satisfy a feel-good story about a hometown hero. The hope is he can be the face of the franchise for the next decade. While he may not have as high of a ceiling as Big Ben, or even Terry Bradshaw before him, the reason he was the first quarterback taken last spring is simple: He is the most ready-to-play quarterback coming out in this year’s crop.

If Pickett becomes a more athletic version of Matt Ryan, then the Steelers have themselves a potential Pro Bowl quarterback who can win multiple playoff games. From there, it is all about matchups and shining in winning time. However, the longer Pickett holds a clipboard, the more concerned Steelers fans should be about their first-round pick. Trubisky is not the guy long-term.

Though his image has been improved after a season of backing up Josh Allen in Buffalo, nobody wanted to touch Trubisky with a 10-foot pole after his Chicago run ended, which was about as far as he could throw the football accurately. While these things take time, Pickett has to understand that the NFL game is only going to speed up from here on out. Just wait until toe meets leather…

Feeling more comfortable is one thing, but thriving amidst discomfort is what football is all about.

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