Eagles, Colts fans can laugh at the Carson Wentz experience in Washington

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The Carson Wentz experience for the Washington Commanders looks to be more of same.

As Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts fans are thanking their lucky stars to be out of their Carson Wentz relationships, it may not be third time’s a charge for the ole Washington Commanders

Hashtag blessed to be on his third NFL team in as many years, the former No. 2 overall pick out of North Dakota State has to prove to everyone he is worthy of being a no-doubt starter at this point of his career. Washington may be giving him any and every chance to start over Taylor Heinicke and rookie chicken finger enthusiast Sam Howell, but Wentz is once again not making the throws.

Should history repeat itself, it will be very difficult for Wentz to command our attention once again.

The Carson Wentz Experience is going just swimmingly for Washington already

Look. It may only be a few missed passes here and there during training camp, but what is going to happen when the Commanders go into battle? Is Wentz going to actively look for ways to die on the field like he did to his detriment on his two previous teams? This is the kind of stuff that causes a good team like the Colts to fall in a gotta-have-it game vs. the Jaguars in Clahntahn.

Admittedly, we all should be pulling for Wentz to figure it out. He returns to one of the most winnable divisions in all of football. Though Ron Rivera may be a former linebacker, he did lead the 2015 Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl. However, ball security is job security, yours and mine, which could make an anxious Rivera feel like his seat is getting mighty toasty if Wentz … winces.

As far as Wentz’s two previous employers go, Philadelphia was a playoff team a year ago with Jalen Hurts under center and very much a contender to win the division this season. When it comes to the Colts, Indianapolis looks to be f*****g set for former Atlanta Falcons icon Matt Ryan taking over for him. This leader of men wants to make the hall of fame by winning the AFC South.

The last time Washington had this kind of enigmatic talent at quarterback, it was Jeff George.

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