Aaron Rodgers cites psychoactive ayahuasca tea for state of his mental health

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Aaron Rodgers was interviewed regarding his mental health and made a pretty surprising revelation about his use of ayahuasca, a psychoactive tea.

From his “immunization” and not vaccination regarding COVID-19 to his participation in wild cleanses, it’s become clear that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is quite fond of natural and holistic remedies. And that apparently extends to his approach with taking care of his mental health.

Yet, that doesn’t make his latest revelation in that capacity any less jarring.

In a podcast appearance with Onnit founder Aubrey Marcus (a supplement company), Rodgers spoke about his use of ayahuasca, a psychedelic tea that contains the hallucinogen DMT, to improve his mental health and his practice of self-love, but also in helping him as a teammate as well.

Aaron Rodgers used ayahuasca to improve mental health, help with self-love

“To me, one of the core tenets of your mental health is that self-love. That’s what ayahuasca did for me, was help me see how to unconditionally love myself,” Rodgers said (h/t to SI). “It’s only in that unconditional self love, that then I’m able to truly be able to unconditionally love others. And what better way to work on my mental health than to have an experience like that?”

The reigning back-to-back NFL MVP also said that process through ayahuasca, a tea that has been used for its properties for thousands of years in various cultures, helped him to become a better teammate as a “model of unconditional love” which is just as important as playing well or being a leader.

While fans, of course, like to poke fun at Rodgers’ holistic approach to many things, mental health is obviously a vastly important subject and it’s certainly a positive that the Packers star has reached a good place in that regard.

What’s shocking, though, is that his use of a hallucinogenic substance has led him to his point given the NFL’s longstanding policies regarding banned substances and the fact that players have been suspended for marijuana use frequently. That is certainly worth noting in this instance.

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