Josh Allen downplays fight with teammate in Bills practice

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After Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen started a scuffle in practice, he took to Twitter to explain and downplay the incident.

The first day of padded practices at Bills training camp got heated and featured a shoving match.

That’s not the most uncommon thing at an NFL camp. Passions run high all the time. Sometimes they explode with a scuffle.

It’s just not that common for the quarterback to be at the center of it.

Josh Allen got into a fight with defensive lineman Jordan Phillips after Phillips apparently bumped the quarterback after a play.

Josh Allen downplays fight with teammate in Bills practice

“Man I love football,” Allen tweeted. “The boys got going yesterday, and it’s all love! First day of pads, just pushing each other to be great that is all!”

Here’s what the fight looked like.

A quarterback getting involved in a scuffle like that can be taken two ways. First, he’s fiery. Second, his leadership may be in question.

Allen does have a reputation for being a passionate guy. His explanation that it was just the first day of pads and getting riled up does ring true.

That doesn’t mean his coaches will want to see him get involved in too many of those this preseason.

This could be a big season for Allen, who is looking to get the Bills over the hump as a Super Bowl contender. They came devastatingly close last season but ultimately fell short.

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