Look: Nick Chubb could squat half of a team’s D-line after running through them

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Nick Chubb is an alien sent from another planet of extra strong beings. 

Most Georgia football and Cleveland Browns fans knew that Nick Chubb was strong, but after the latest video of him lifting, it’s pretty evident that he is not human.

I’m not sure what planet he is from, but while lifting at his old high school, Chubb squatted 610-pounds with ease.

To put it in perspective, he could lift JJ Watt and Aaron Donald at the same time, and it still wouldn’t weigh as much as what he had on that bar. There would still need to be 38-pounds added somehow.

Ron Courson from the University of Georgia deserves a raise for the rehabilitation work he gave Chubb after that horrific knee injury. If someone didn’t know he got hurt, they wouldn’t be able to tell from this video.

Nick Chubb is one of the strongest NFL running backs ever

Imagine having to tackle someone like him when his legs are that strong — it would not be fun.

Chubb doesn’t need to squat 610-pounds, but he can, which should count for something. It shows that he is healthy and working on getting ready for the upcoming season, and even with lifting that much weight, he is still pretty quick too.

The video has gone viral, which means it comes with incredible reactions from fans, players and even video games.

Here are some of our favorite responses to Chubb lifting over 600-pounds.

The bar was indeed struggling more than Chubb, and Cedartown High probably had to retire it after he got ahold of it.

Even Madden 23 got in on the action — hopefully, they’ll fix his rating on the game after this.

There were more videos of Chubb working out at his old high school, but that squat one was hands down the most impressive.

It’s official — Chubb has beaten the gym and won. No one else can top this, and nor should they try.

Thank goodness for content like this video of Chubb to help us football fans get through the last stretch of the offseason. And if this video indicates what’s to come for Chubb, 2022 should be a good season for him.

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