Browns work out former first-round pick as they await Deshaun Watson decision

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Anticipating the NFL’s suspension of Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns are working out a few surprising quarterbacks to deepen their 2022 roster. 

No one in the NFL seems to want to let go of a first-round pick, especially not a quarterback.

Even though the Arizona Cardinals have long moved on from Josh Rosen, proven by their monumental 5-year extension of Kyler Murray, the rest of the NFL is still keen to see if Rosen can produce behind the line.

Rosen, the lauded UCLA standout who was chosen with the No. 10 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, has bounced around four different NFL franchises since the Cardinals released him after his rookie season.

Despite this, it looks like Rosen is still being surveyed as a potential backup for the Cleveland Browns, one who could potentially see time on the field if Deshaun Watson is suspended by the league.

The Browns are also working out fellow journeyman A.J. McCarron among others ahead of training camp, per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

Browns try out Josh Rosen in anticipation of Deshaun Watson suspension

Unfortunately, Rosen didn’t exactly build a solid resume during his 2021 stint with the Atlanta Falcons. In a game that made history books for all the wrong reasons, Rosen threw an interception on his third snap during a 25-0 loss to the New England Patriots in Week 11.

All in all, Rosen played in four games last season, making just two completions out of 11 attempts. Rosen got all of 19 yards on those passes, and what’s worse, he had the same amount of completed passes as interceptions: a paltry two.

For Rosen’s sake, the Browns present another opportunity to him to find his way in the NFL and mesh with a roster (and hopefully complete more than two passes all year). But the frustrating part of Rosen’s story is that despite his many chances, NFL teams are reluctant to give up on a first-round pick. Even if they fail repeatedly, many former first-rounders are afforded second and third and fourth chances that later-round and undrafted players never see.

Honestly, Rosen and McCarron and any others who may be signed instead are simply insurance if Jacoby Brissett goes down during the first half of the season.

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