Lawrence Taylor passes the torch as Giants unveil legacy throwback uniforms [Video]

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New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor bridges generations of Giants greats in a hype video revealing highly-anticipated legacy throwback uniforms.

For the New York Giants, their four Super Bowls come in two distinct eras defined by superb defense.

There was the heyday of Lawrence Taylor, who is still widely considered to be the greatest linebacker the league has ever seen; the man who single-handedly imbued the value of left tackles seen in today’s game.

Taylor and the Giants defense led the team to Super Bowl victories in 1986 and 1990. Twenty years later, another generation of Giants defenders, featuring defensive ends like Michael Strahan and Jason Pierre-Paul, brought the G-Men two more championships.

In 2022, the Giants are looking to borrow a little magic from yesteryear by bringing back classic threads from the 1980s.

“Legacy really is timeless. It’s generational,” says Saquon Barkley, the team’s marquee player in the 2020s.

“I’m back!” Lawrence Taylor exudes as he pulls up to MetLife Stadium.

“This is for you, homeboy,” Taylor says as he passes Barkley a throwback jersey.

Giants hype up fans with throwback uniforms, bringing back franchise legend Lawrence Taylor

Although the Giants are borrowing something old and something blue, the throwback uniforms are just one of the new things shaking up the franchise in 2022.

The Giants have spent the offseason learning from new head coach Brian Daboll, the former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator and — big surprise — disciple of Bill Belichick, who won two Super Bowl rings with the Giants as he coached Taylor back in the day.

A few months in, Daboll is busy implementing his coaching mindset, which encourages the Giants to trust the process and take some pressure off of Daniel Jones.

Daboll has full faith in Jones, stating that he wants the fourth-year quarterback to “let it loose” come autumn.

“If he’s got a shot on the right read, let it go,” Daboll said. “There’s going to be things that happen in every game. The defense is going to make a good play, there might be a tipped ball. We’re going to have to do a good job of taking care of the football, but I want him to turn it loose.”

After drafting another pass rusher in Kayvon Thibodeaux, the Giants are squarely focused on a bright future — but there’s still room for reflecting on a glorious past.

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