Ravens: J.K. Dobbins no sure thing for week 1

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NFL Network National Insider, Ian Rapoport, reports Ravens  RB, J.K. Dobbins, as “no sure thing” to make his return to the field by week one.

Baltimore Ravens running back, and 2020 second-round draft pick, J.K. Dobbins is no sure thing for week one of the ’22 season.

NFL Network’s insider, Ian Rapoport, had this to say of Dobbins’ recovery to this point:

“It sounds like the recovery is going well, he’s pushing as hard as he possibly can, there really hasn’t been any set backs. That said, just based on the timing of his injury, my understanding is that he is no sure thing to make week one”

Prior to the first week of the 2021 season, Dobbins—as well as his backup, Gus Edwards—suffered a season ending ACL tear. At least that was what was understood by anyone who wasn’t following the situation closely. According to Rapoport, “It was a serious, complex injury. It was an ACL, it was a meniscus, there was damage to the lateral side…there was a lot.”

Athletes have been known to recover over the course of a year or less from a straight forward ACL tear, but when multiple ligaments within the knee go out at the same time, the recovery process becomes far more extensive. Building back strength, mobility, and most importantly, confidence in a completely rebuilt knee takes far longer.

Gus Edwards’ injury was not nearly as severe or complex, but even with his chance to make it back in time for week one, the team has taken precautions to ensure they have enough depth.

Ravens signed veteran Mike Davis shortly after the draft to shore up the running back room depth.

Back in May, the Ravens signed 29-year-old veteran Mike Davis after he was released from the Atlanta Falcons. The Davis signing, which came just after the NFL Draft, was an insurance move to stack bodies in the running back room.

Baltimore drafted Missouri running back Tyler Badie in the sixth round, and while he is projected to have high up-side, it would seem as if the team didn’t feel entirely confident handing him the reigns in the worst case scenario—Dobbins and Edwards being unavailable to start the season.

With Ravens training camp starting on July 27, fans are nine days away from learning just how accurate this report is.

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