Chiefs’ Mitchell Schwartz gives important update on NFL career

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Kansas City Chiefs OT Mitchell Schwartz finally offers an update to Chiefs fans on the status of his health and his NFL career.

Kansas City Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz has officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

Schwartz offered some insight as to why he finally decided it was time to hang up his cleats:

“I’m officially retiring from the NFL. It’s been almost two years since I injured my back. I had surgery last February and have been doing rehab ever since. I’m currently feeling as good as I have since then, but it’s cleat my body won’t ever be the same. The nerve pain down my legs is no longer a daily occurrence, but it might never fully go away.”

Longtime Chiefs OT Mitchell Schwartz officially retires from the NFL

The former All-Pro tackle (first-team in 2018; second team in 2016, 2017, and 2019) and Super Bowl 54 champion was a staple of the Chiefs’ evolution into the kings of the AFC. In 2020, the ninth season of Schwartz’s career, his season was cut short when he suffered a back injury in Week 6. He missed out on the Chiefs second Super Bowl appearance, and Chiefs fans have anxiously been awaiting an update on his health ever since — quietly hoping that he would someday return.

In his farewell note, he paid homage to the 2019-2020 Chiefs team who won Super Bowl 54:

”I’ve enjoyed so much about my time in the NFL and am walking away feeling very fulfilled. Winning the Super Bowl was the pinnacle of my career.”

He also gave special thanks to his family, and a number of other individuals:

”Jim Michalczik, my college OL Coach and the one who taught me the fundamentals and principles I used my entire career… The Cleveland Browns and Tom Heckert for drafting me… George Warhop, my first NFL OL Coach…”

Of course, he shouted out the personnel in Kansas City as well:

”Thank you to Andy Reid for bringing me to Kansas City. He is the best coach you can ask for… an even better person… To Brett Veach and Brandit Tiflis for their ability to put a championship team on the field… Andy Heck for his steadiness and leadership in the OL room.”

Finally, Schwartz wrapped up his update thanking all of Kansas City and Chiefs fans alike. He concluded, saying:

”This city and its support is hard to describe until you’ve felt it personally. I am forever a Chief and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Although Schwartz was drafted a Cleveland Brown, his heart remains in Kansas City.

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