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Take your tailgating to the next level with the newest release from YETI – a wheeled version of their super-popular Roadie 48 cooler.

Football is almost back. Not that we haven’t had the need for a great cooler all summer long at barbecues, camping trips, etc., but when we get back into tailgating season, that’s when a high-quality cooler becomes essential.

The last thing you want – besides those beers getting warm – is to reach for some burgers or brats and find them… room temperature.

Luckily, you’ll never have to with the YETI Roadie 48 wheeled cooler. 

YETI coolers have been at the top of the mountain for a long time, and these shouldn’t be any different. You get all the space you’re accustomed to having with the Roadie, but then you get the convenience of not having to carry the thing.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Maneuverable, durable and ready for whatever you’ll be throwing at it, the Roadie 48 wheeled cooler is built specifically for navigating tight tailgating quarters. A smooth, retractable periscope handle is there at the push of a button and can disappear if you’re running tight on room. Non-slip feet mean there will be no accidents, slipping or tipping. It also features tie-down slots, so you can attach it to the boat or truck bed without worries. It was also designed with you in mind – if wine is your thing, then you’ll be thrilled to know that almost every standard wine bottle fits comfortably in the Roadie. Then, when the day is done, pop the drain plug out to get rid of all the extra water.

In short, this thing has everything you need in a cooler.


YETI was kind enough to send me one to test out. Simply put, it’s incredible. Nothing feels cheap – it’s hefty in the best way possible. But you won’t notice how heavy it is (about 26lbs. empty) once you’re wheeling it around.

Which brings me to the handle and the wheels. The handle is incredibly smooth, but still sturdy. I have no worries about snapping/breaking it. Then the wheels are small enough to help you get around in crowded areas, but large enough to keep the cooler from getting wedged against the ground if you’re going camping with it. Even my very pregnant wife had a breeze wheeling it around after I filled it up with cans.

Oh, and speaking of cans – this thing fits 41 of them if you’re using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio. You can even pair (sold separately) a dry basket with the Roadie, which sits on the top of the inside of the cooler, so if you have some food that needs to be cold, but not wet, you’re good to go.

And you will be good to go. The walls of the Roadie are super-thick and YETI’s website says their coolers will typically keep everything cold for *at least* 2-4 days. (And if you’re looking for tips on how to stay frosty for as long as possible, check out this list from YETI).

Honestly, this thing feels indestructible. I purposely got a little rough with it, too. But there’s no sign of any damage. Now, I’m sure you could probably dent it if you smacked it with a hammer or whatever – but why would you do that? And why would I have done that?

Don’t hit your coolers, people.

At the end of the day, you might look at the price point of $450 and wonder if that’s too much money for a cooler. I would argue that you’re probably not thinking about it correctly – because that’s precisely what I did.

I didn’t really understand just what quality meant in a cooler until I started using YETI products. Because when it comes down to upgrading your experience – whether you prefer the stadium parking lot, the beach, the lake or the campground – there’s no better way than with the ease and peace of mind that YETI brings to the table.


Especially with those prices nowadays. You don’t want to spend a small fortune on the tailgating spread, just to show up and realize everything’s a bit warm. I’m someone who isn’t even overly outdoorsy and this is the best cooler I’ve ever used.

So if you aren’t like me – and you spend every summer weekend on the boat, or at the camp, or whatever little place you call your own – then you’ll get your money’s worth ten times over with YETI.

The Roadie 48 wheeled cooler is available now at YETI. 

Don’t wait. Order yours now for tailgate season and you’ll never need another cooler in your life. Below, you can find a full breakdown of product specs.

  • Periscope handle: this retractable, dolly style handle pops up when you need it and hides away when space saving is key.
  • Neverflat wheels: solid, single piece tire construction is impact and puncture resistant
  • Lipgrip handles: these streamlined handles stay out of the way to make carrying your catch (or cold ones) less of a chore.
  • Bearfoot non-slip feet: budge-resistant padding prevents rogue sliding on the boat or in the backseat.
  • Anchorpoint tie-down slots: the built-in molded tie-down slots promise easy mounting to your boat, trailer, or truck bed.
  • Bestdam drain plug: This leakproof barrier offers quick-drain convenience.
  • Wine-friendly packing: Internal height is 13”– so (most) standard wine bottles, growlers, and two liter bottles fit upright.
  • Accessories: • Clear Tritan Basket keeps provisions dry, in place and protected • Divider separates and organizes internal space and doubles as a cutting board (sold separately)
  • Cupholder keeps drinks within reach without compromising cooler access (sold separately)
  • External dimensions: 19.83″ X 19.95″ X 20.50″
  • Capacity: 41 cans
  • Empty Weight: 25.7lbs.

Don’t wait. Check out YETI today and make your next tailgating outing the best one you’ve ever had. 

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