Zach Wilson might be living an American Pie fantasy

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Jets quarterback Zach Wilson was the star of Twitter on Sunday as rumors of him hooking up with his mom’s best friend swirled.

It’s safe to say no one could have predicted the storyline involving Zach Wilson, his ex, Commanders WR Dax Milne and Wilson’s mom’s best friend that hit NFL Twitter over the weekend.

It all started Milne, Wilson’s former BYU teammate, who posted a picture on Instagram confirming his relationship with Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile.

When someone accused Gile of being a “homie hopper” she fired back with a big old splash of tea.

Zach Wilson might be living an American Pie fantasy

“He was sleeping with his moms best friend. That’s the real homie hopper,” Gile commented.

Cue the “O RLY” owl meme.

It would have been a juicy enough story for Gile to split with Wilson only to end up with his teammate from BYU. The fact that Wilson may been involved with one of his mom’s friends, whether before, during or after his relationship with Giles, is wild.

Wilson got a lot of attention from social media over this one, mostly laughing at the situation or flat out cheering him on for the America Pie-level get.

At the same time, this may not be the kind of story the Jets want to generate headlines for their quarterback going into a critical season.

Wilson is entering his second season in the NFL after being drafted by the Jets in 2021. He went 3-10 while showing some signs of promise. The question is whether he can drag New York out of the dump.

Every distraction could get in the way of him finally being the guy for the Jets. We’ll see how this one impacts him.

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