Chiefs: Tyreek Hill’s comment suggests he regrets leaving Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins

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Tyreek Hill may regret leaving Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes very soon.

Though he may never fully admit it, new Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill could come to regret leaving the Kansas City Chiefs in the midst of Patrick Mahomes’ prime.

No doubt about it, they are better off playing with each other. Unfortunately, the Chiefs brass did not want to pay Hill top dollar to keep him in Kansas City in perpetuity. Thus, he was dealt to Miami where he will have to be a reason Tua Tagovailoa makes it in the NFL. Hill’s latest comment on his podcast It Needed To Be Said about Tagovailoa suggests the regret is starting to set in.

“You know, in the NFL they only give you like two or three years to be a successful quarterback, especially if you’re a first-round draft pick,” said Hill on his podcast. “And if you don’t succeed after those years, then it’s, ‘kick rocks, man.’ So, basically, they’re going to put Tua into that. So this is basically his last year, man, just to show people what he got.”

Tagovailoa’s first two years in the league have been tumultuous, at best. Miami took him No. 5 overall out of Alabama in the 2020 NFL Draft. While he has shown flashes that he can be a long-term starter in this league, not having a head coach who believed in him has undeniably stunted his growth. With Mike McDaniel at the helm, it is now or never for Tagovailoa in his third season.

“It’s gonna be a lot of people taking their words back on what they said about [Tua],” continued Hill. “I can’t really name point, but I’m saying reporters, analysts, Twitter trolls. All those people are gonna take their words back on what they said about [Tua], and I’m just gonna be sitting there, eating my popcorn.”

While Hill seems optimistic about this being the year for Tagovailoa, this does come across as projecting. Yes, he will be a big reason why Tagovailoa can succeed in Miami. However, we have to wonder if Hill regrets leaving Mahomes and the Chiefs behind. Together, they had the chance to be one of the best quarterback/wide receiver tandems in NFL history. For now, it is Tua Time or bust.

Here is the entire episode of It Needed To Be Said, featuring Hill’s new teammate, Jaylen Waddle.

Kansas City Chiefs: Tyreek Hill may soon regret leaving Patrick Mahomes behind

Again, Hill’s departure from the Chiefs is not entirely of his own doing. Kansas City did trade him to the Dolphins for a boatload of picks. However, there are no guarantees he will be anywhere near as successful with Miami as he was with Kansas City. Quarterbacking prowess aside, Hill went from a top-tier organization in the NFL, to one of the worst run franchises in professional football.

On the other side of the coin, what an opportunity for Hill to prove everyone wrong. He has to accept that Mahomes and the Chiefs will continue to have success, but Hill has the abilities to really help turn this thing around in Miami. Hill knows what winning looks like at the highest level. Plus, it is not like Tagovailoa is completely devoid of talent. He is just not on Mahomes’ level…

Ultimately, Miami should be good enough this fall to contend for a playoff berth. Not to say they will usurp the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East hierarchy, but the Dolphins can definitely be better than their two other division rivals. With as loaded as the AFC West is now, there are no guarantees Kansas City wins its division. However, Hill faces a ton of pressure to help bring Tagovailoa along.

Hill will be praised successfully swimming upstream in Miami, but he never had to in Kansas City.

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