Browns: Baker Mayfield drama remains despite trade to Carolina

Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns

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Despite getting traded to the Carolina Panthers, the drama with the Browns and Baker Mayfield is still alive. 

What happened with Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns is getting more and more cringy.

He got traded to the Panthers, which would make most people think the drama is over, and he is now in the hands of Carolina — not if you’re the Browns.

This story from the Athletic really just rubs salt into the Mayfield wounds, and it’s getting old.

Is Mayfield arrogant? Yes, but at the same time, the way all of this continues to surface makes me want to puke.

There are far worse things going on in Cleveland, at least in my opinion, than a quarterback who is arrogant.

Browns look tacky keeping Baker Mayfield drama alive

While arrogance and being overly confident can rub people the wrong way, no argument wouldn’t make me feel like the Browns had this story spun in their favor because they screwed up so badly with Mayfield.

The situation with Deshaun Watson is its own beast, and hanging Mayfield out to dry is not a good look. Anyone with a brain knows that and saw that whole situation get worse by the day.

Cleveland basically hung Mayfield out to dry. When the Browns needed him to stay after Watson’s situation continued to get worse, they didn’t get why he didn’t want to remain with the team.

Well, there are plenty of reasons why, and no, I won’t go into them because that whole situation makes me nauseous.

This whole thing about his teammates finding his behavior annoying and how it divided the locker room seems like a bunch of hogwash. The “childish and immature” comment is the bit that’s just too much, though.

Is Mayfield young? Yes. Does he need to grow up some? Yes, but to sit there and call him that just seems unwarranted and gross.

Hopefully, Mayfield will learn from whatever mistakes he made in Clevland because he deserves a clean slate. Maybe the Panthers will ignore the comment about Mayfield being a quarterback they can’t trust.

All of the drama that the Browns have sustained regarding Mayfield is tacky and uncalled for — it was the Browns are the ones who didn’t want to keep him until they needed him back.

Mayfield left, so why are stories like this still around? Let Cleveland go up in flames with its $230 million fully-guaranteed quarterback — who may or may not play — and let Mayfield start over with the Panthers.

Let the man live his life and worry about the franchise that is quickly going underwater.

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