Baker Mayfield trade: Best memes and tweets from around the NFL

Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns

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The Cleveland Browns traded former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers. Twitter had a field day as a result.

Baker gets a new lease on life in Carolina, where he will be the presumed starter ahead of Sam Darnold and others.

Mayfield is a former No.1 overall pick for a reason, though injuries slowed him down immensely last year. This forced the Browns’ hand, though they arguably made the wrong choice by trading for a player who’s likely to be suspended for the entirety of next season at least. Cleveland handed Deshaun Watson the keys, and the rest is history.

Baker actually took a pay cut to play in Carolina, if you can believe it. Cleveland has actually grown that toxic.

Baker Mayfield trade: Best memes and tweets

Social media had a lot of fun at the Browns expense.

There were many more where that came from.

Robby Anderson Baker Mayfield reaction

Uh…Baker has some convincing to do in his new locker room. Sheesh!

Mayfield needed a fresh start, and made it clear a week ago there was no going back for he and the Browns. Cleveland signed Jacoby Brissett as an emergency backup plan during the Watson civil trial, and they’ll likely have to use it.

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