US Open absolutely massacres a Seahawks fan over horrible tennis take

Seattle Seahawks, US Open Tennis

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The US Open did not take kindly to a Seattle Seahawks fan’s criticism of the sport of tennis.

Let’s just say the US Open is actively rooting against Drew Lock being a great quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

With the US Open underway, an uniformed Seahawks fan decided to reply to a SportsCenter tweet about how awesome the sport of tennis is. In case you did not know, tennis is definitely a sport, arguably one of the most mentally and physically demanding individual sports in the history of the universe. Too bad the Seahawks will go 5-12 and then fire everybody into the sun come January…

Watching 17 games of Drew Lock as your starting quarterback is cruel and unusual punishment.

US Open Tennis absolutely embarrasses a Seattle Seahawks fan on Twitter

To think tennis is not a sport is to think that water is not wet. Facts may not be all that important in this day and age of the world, but you gotta call somebody out when they are so wrong. Good for the US Open Tennis account for spitting truth in its absolutely hellish takedown of this poor fan’s soul. Lock was not even that good at Mizzou, as the Denver Broncos totally gave up on him.

The most notable part of Lock’s pro career was how he put on for his city while on the Broncos’ bench as a rookie. It is a great song that brings me back to freshman year at UGA, but Lock is the latest example of John Elway not knowing how to draft John Elway’s replacement. It’s cool though, as Broncos Country is going to ride with Russell Wilson into the playoffs, one tired cliche at a time.

But in all seriousness, could the Seahawks make the playoffs with Lock as their starting quarterback? I mean, we did see the 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars nearly make it to the Super Bowl with Blake Bortles as their starter, so anything is possible. The Seahawks’ best bet is for there to be free-range Pete Carroll going full-blown Martyball all over everyone’s asses in the NFC West.

Run, run, pass, punt sounds especially Drew Lock and the Seahawks’ outlook for the 2021 season.

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