Saints finally get positive signs about Michael Thomas’ recovery

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The New Orleans Saints seem to have good news regarding Michael Thomas and his injury, which is exciting. 

A video surfaced of New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, and it seems like he is getting healthier.

Seeing him run routes is such a positive sign that he could be back in time for the season, and the Saints need him to be there.

New Orleans insider Nick Underhill snagged a screen recording of Thomas running routes off his Instagram story, and the receiver looked like he was gaining back his strength.

Thomas didn’t look perfect with his routes, but he didn’t look like he was limping either. He looked like he had made progress in his rehab.

The Saints got a good sign from Michael Thomas and his injury status

Since getting hurt last season, he has had a lot of ups and downs, but after surgery and months of rehab, he seems to be on the right track now.

The Saints need him healthy so Thomas can give them the offensive production they need out of him.

When he is healthy, it is truly a difference-maker for the offense because Thomas is such a game-changer.

Now that he is running routes, it’s safe to assume that Thomas is heading toward being able to play in 2022. If the Saints can incorporate him back into the offense, he can be the leader and help this newer offense find as much success as possible.

New Orleans fans should be really excited to see Thomas running routes because, without him, the Saints don’t have much of a go-to receiver.

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