Latest Tom Brady quote proves retirement will come soon

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Tom Brady said it himself, he is not going to playing in the NFL for all that much longer.

During a rare media appearance last week on The Dan Patrick Show, Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Tom Brady admitted that retirement is very much on the horizon for him.

Brady is entering his age-45 season out of Michigan this year. It would be his third in Tampa Bay uniform, and quite possibly his last as a professional. After briefly retiring in the wake of last postseason, Brady surprised everyone by becoming the lead football analyst in-waiting for FOX. He will be paired alongside Kevin Burkhardt in FOX’s No. 1 booth in the season after he does retire.

Brady has plenty to play for, but this quote suggests he is not in it for long going forward.

“I had the appetite to compete, and it’s going to be gone soon,” said Brady to Patrick on June 15.

Here is the clip of Brady’s entire from his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show last Wednesday.

Tom Brady mentions retirement is rapidly approaching while on Dan Patrick

Brady’s big thing is he seems to no longer have that one-of-a-kind driving force to compete like he once did. He did have a sensational age-44 season. With football still being very easy for him, it is understandable to want to play out what looks to be the final year of his Buccaneers deal before hanging up the spikes. Surely, one big hit from Aaron Donald may make Brady want to call it quits.

While it remains to be seen how good Brady will be in the FOX booth, he has been surprisingly amazing on social media since leaving the New England Patriots. Perhaps this was his personality all along? There is a chance he could have always been this funny, but had to subdue that while playing for the Evil Empire. Regardless, Brady will only be as good in the FOX booth as he is critical.

Brady may be The GOAT, but not everybody is comfortable with calling out players and coaches for a job done poorly from up in the booth. He may have seen everything there is to know from being in NFL production meetings for the better part of his adult life. However, there are no guarantees Brady will be as good calling games as he is calling out plays from behind the line of scrimmage.

With presumably one last great ride left in him, let’s enjoy Brady’s final NFL hurrah while we can.

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