Former linebacker weighs in on scarier QB to face Peyton Manning or Tom Brady

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Former Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott revealed that it was harder to face Peyton Manning than Tom Brady.

This century, one of the greatest quarterback battles that NFL fans got to witness was between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Whether it was in the regular season or in the playoffs, it was must-watch television. There is always a debate as to who was the better quarterback, but who was the scariest to face if you were on the team lined up opposite to either quarterback?

During an episode of ESPN Radio show “Bart and Hahn,” former Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott said that he would much rather play Brady every week than face off against Manning.

Bart Scott reveals that it is much worse to face Peyton Manning than Tom Brady

“I’d much rather go against Tom Brady every day of the week than go against Peyton Manning,” Scott said, h/t Sports Illustrated. “I believe that’s how everybody feels. In the hay day, never ever have I said ‘We’re playing the Patriots. I’m so afraid of Tom Brady.’”

It is no secret that Manning was the master of calling an audible ahead of the snap. Scott put it perfectly about how the terms that Manning used would change in the game, and joking that to face off against him, “you feel like you have to take an SAT test.”

In his 11 year playing career, Scott faced off against Manning and Brady a total of four times total in the playoffs. As a member of the Ravens, Scott lost 15-6 to Manning’s Indianapolis Colts in 2003. Scott lost his second playoff meeting against Manning, where the Jets fell to the Colts 30-17 in the AFC Championship Game in 2009. But, Scott had the best luck the following year.

At the conclusion of the 2010 season, Scott’s Jets defeated Manning’s Colts 17-16 in the Wild Card Round and Brady’s Patriots 28-21 in the Divisional Round to reach the conference title game for the second-consecutive year. For those wondering, the Jets fell 24-19 to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger to miss out on a spot in Super Bowl 45.

When it comes to who would be the worst to play against, Scott let it be known that it is easily Manning over Brady.

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