Browns expecting full-season suspension for Deshaun Watson

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The Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson and gave him a monster contract despite his off-field allegations. Now, they’re expecting a huge suspension.

The more time that’s passed, the more indefensible the Cleveland Browns‘ decision to trade for Deshaun Watson and sign him to a contract worth $230 million of guaranteed money looks. And as more news pours out that paints the situation in a more negative light, the on-field ramifications look worse as well.

According to multiple reports throughout the offseason, the expectation from the team has been that Watson will be suspended for a long time.

As it turns out, though, a “long time” could equate to the entirety of the 2022 season. Numerous Cleveland insiders have reported that the Browns are expecting for Watson’s suspension to span the entire year.

Browns: Deshaun Watson expected to be suspended for entire season

Given that Watson faces 24 civil suits for sexual misconduct and sexual assault and is the subject of a New York Times investigation that revealed he visited more than 60 massage therapists while with the Texans, the length of the suspension is not shocking in the slightest.

What it does keep showing, though, is how misguided the Browns were with their quarterback. Outwardly, the team has remained supportive of Watson and maintained their belief in the decision to trade for him and re-sign him to a lucrative contract. But it’s hard to give up that money and make the deal they did and think they aren’t a little worried that, if he is suspended for the entire season, will be getting a quarterback who hasn’t seen the field in two full seasons.

Expect to hear something official about the Deshaun Watson suspension prior to the start of the preseason.

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