Coldplay remixes the Eagles Fight Song like never before at Philly concert

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Coldplay plays the chillest cover of the Philadelphia Eagles’ fight song you will ever hear.

Smooth and the Philadelphia Eagles are not often grouped together, but with the power of Coldplay, anything is possible.

When one of the biggest bands in the world over the last 25 years plays a sold-out show at Lincoln Financial Field, you better believe the four gents from The U.K. would play to the home crowd. While it was not on the level blasting “Yellow”, “Clocks” or “Speed of Sound”, Coldplay actually covered “Fly Eagles Fly” to all of Philadelphia’s enjoyment. You gotta check this out.

If you do not think Coldplay’s first two albums, Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head, are absolute sonic masterpieces, go grab some headphones and get cultured, you uncultured heathen.

Coldplay covered “Fly Eagles Fly” in Philadelphia because, of course, they did

Even if Eagles fans routinely get battery-throwing mad whenever the refs absolutely screw their team over when the hated Dallas Cowboys come to town, look at how mellow these Jawns are out there. Not saying there is some big secret to solving world peace here, but if the Linc was vibing to some Coldplay, then maybe there is some hope for the rest of us. Chris Martin is a peacemaker.

Of course, that can all change in an instant when my birthday bro Jonny Buckland decides it is time to shred and sends a “Shiver” down our spines, Will Champion becomes a chompion in the final third of “Fix You” or Guy Berryman puts a smile on our faces with the crunchy grooves he is accustomed to. Coldplay can bring the house down, but Martin croons with the very best of them.

Watching Coldplay live must be like looking into the eyes of God and Him saying, “you are my most wondrous creation.” Coldplay is so freaking good that I am not going to make up a word on the spot and instead, channel my inner Will Ferrell doing a James Lipton impression and say this cover of “Fly Eagles Fly” is the epitome of scrumtrulescent. There is a troll in Central Park, King Llort!

No water bottles, or clocks, were harmed in the making of this Coldplay cover of “Fly Eagles Fly”.

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