Kenny Pickett doesn’t think it’s Mitch Trubisky’s ‘job’ to mentor him

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New Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett doesn’t expect Mitch Trubisky to mentor him as they compete for the starting job.

The Pittsburgh Steelers think they got their long-term replacement for Ben Roethlisberger when they drafted Kenny Pickett out of Pitt.

That doesn’t mean the rookie quarterback expects to have the red carpet laid out for him by the rest of the quarterback room.

Pickett told reporters he doesn’t think his fellow quarterbacks like Mitch Trubisky should have to mentor him.

Kenny Pickett doesn’t think it’s Mitch Trubisky’s ‘job’ to mentor him

“The mentor word…I don’t think it’s his job to sit there and teach me,” Pickett explained. “I’m going to ask questions. I’m going to watch him. It’s really my job to ask questions and to learn from him.”

That’s about as fair an answer to the “mentor” question as Pickett could have given. Some veteran quarterbacks have made headlines for saying it’s not their job to mentor younger passers but Pickett flipped the question around and put the onus on himself.

If you’re the Steelers, you’ve got to love that answer from your rookie.

It also sounds like Trubisky is handling the rookie with class. Pickett said he’s planning to work with Trubisky in Florida between minicamp and training camp, per Josh Rowntree.

Ideally, Pickett will win the starting job and establish a new era in Pittsburgh but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Trubisky, or Mason Rudolph, runs the show in the short term while the younger QB settles into the league.

For now, Pickett seems to have the right answers as he gets his career off the ground. That’s enough.

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