Aaron Rodgers erases all Packers trade talk with 1 comment

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Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Packers has felt like a rollercoaster but the reigning back-to-back NFL MVP shut all trade rumors down with just one word. 

Over the past couple of years, Green Bay Packers fans have likely had a difficult time feeling confident about the future of Aaron Rodgers. There was the holdout prior to the 2021 season, the potential he could retire this offseason and then the prospect of him wanting out moving forward after this year with Davante Adams now gone.

Luckily, it seems as if there might not be any reason for fans to worry moving forward if the back-to-back NFL MVP has his say in being traded away and the constant speculation around that topic.

When asked if he was going to finish his football career with the Packers, Rodgers only needed one word to soothe the minds of fans as he replied, “Definitely.”

Packers: Aaron Rodgers erases trade speculation with 1 word

It should indeed be noted that the quote that PFF pulled is from an interview with Matt Schneidman of The Athletic and there is a bit more context involved as Rodgers went on to say that his “definitely” response was if Green Bay didn’t trade him away. Moreover, he didn’t shut down the idea of possibly retiring.

Even so, it has to be good to hear that all of the reported and speculated upon drama around Rodgers is a thing of the past. His response firmly indicates he wants to be with the Packers and stay there until he doesn’t want to play in the NFL anymore.

Of course, the bigger questions for the 2022 season don’t involve who Rodgers will be. With two straight MVPs to his credit, it feels safe to say he’ll be among the best quarterbacks in the league once again. With Adams gone and no readymade receiver to replace him on the roster, though, how the rest of the offense looks is worth consideration.

Then again, having Aaron Rodgers is a good way to solve a lot of problems and the Packers will have that, unquestionably.

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