Tom Brady’s absolute shank at The Match finally proves he’s mortal

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady proved that he is human after all with an all-time shank of a shot during The Match VI.

Even though the NFL season is still months away, there were four quarterback s doign battle, but it happened on the golf course. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers teamed up to face Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in The Match VI, live from Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, NV. During the competition, Brady showed that he is mortal after all.

At one point during the competition, Brady attempted to get his golf ball close to the hole. But when he swung his club, the ball shanked wide right.

Tom Brady massively shanks a shot during The Match

Those who were watching the event took to Twitter to say that even Brady is like the rest of us after shanking the golf ball.

His teammate in Rodgers also had a relatable golfer moment, as his practice drive sent his golf ball directly into a tree.

The Match has been filled with entertainment and trash talk. Brady has participated in quite a bit of it. He actually responded to Allen using golf balls with Brady’s shirtless NFL Combine photo on it by holding up a golf ball with an image of the Lombardi Trophy on it, asking the Buffalo Bills quarterback if he has ever seen one of those before.

Just in case you were frustrated with your golf game, you had to feel good after watching a seven-time Super Bowl champion hit a golf ball wide right on national television.

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