Tom Brady hints that actual retirement is coming after this season

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Is Tom Brady planning to be one-and-done after coming out of retirement? Something he said during The Match 2022 hints at his plans.

Tom Brady has already retired once. Since he unretired, the football world can now look forward to “Tom Brady Retirement Watch 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

Or not.

Brady may already be indicating what his plans for 2023 are and they might not involve football.

During The Match 2022, the Buccaneers‘ quarterback reportedly told Patrick Mahomes that he will have more time on his hands next year.

Tom Brady hints that actual retirement is coming after this season

Brady was talking to Mahomes about an event in Hawai’i that he’s going to miss.

“I’ll let you know in advance next year,” Mahomes told him.

“Way in advance, though I should have a lot more free time next year,” Brady responded, according to Christopher Powers of Golf Digest.

There are a thousand reasons Brady could have more free time next year. One big one could be he doesn’t plan to go through the NFL offseason and all its hurdles.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean he is definitely retiring after the 2022 season. And even if he does, we already have a precedent of him retiring and unretiring. This could turn into a Brett Favre scenario easily enough.

For now all we can speculate. He’ll be 45 years old in August and would have to play the 2023 season at the age of 46. Who knows what he’ll end of doing or if he even knows his own future at this point.

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