Patrick Mahomes predicts Josh Allen will win NFL MVP in 2022

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a bold but exciting prediction about Josh Allen for the 2022 season.

Both Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Buffalo Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen are playing in the Match on Wednesday. Still, one of the best things to take away from it has to be Mahomes’ prediction about Allen.

Before the Match, Mahomes and the other Match participants sat down with J.J. Watt for a question and answer session when asked about who would win the 2022 NFL MVP award.

After an old joke about Tom Brady and a TB12 brand hearing aid, Mahomes took the floor and quickly said Allen would win the award.

He said that Allen’s ability to get the rushing yards and hurdle over opponents would help him win it in 2022. Then Mahomes remarked, “If Aaron (Rodgers) gives it up at some point and not just keep winning it.”

Patrick Mahomes’ prediction: Josh Allen will be 2022 NFL MVP

What a great response to the question because it shows how much of a high-character guy Mahomes is. He knows Allen’s strengths and thinks it will help him win the MVP trophy. Plus, Allen has a ton of great talent around him, while Rodgers is still working on getting more talent for his offense.

Allen is such a bright spot for the NFL, and his talent should get appreciated for what he can do on the football field. He has already made a quick name for himself, but to get that kind of comment from one of the league’s best quarterbacks has to be a confidence booster for Allen.

Mahomes could have said himself, but he knows to be humble shows character and that is who he is off the field.

Allen has a great chance to win the 2022 NFL MVP title and the other three at the Match know it, so they are already watching him ahead of the season.

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