Nick Chubb hypes up Baker Mayfield with Browns departure looming

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Browns running back Nick Chubb spoke highly of quarterback Baker Mayfield and his chances of landing on his feet outside of Cleveland.

Baker Mayfield isn’t Nick Chubb’s quarterback for all intents and purposes. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have his back.

While at Browns OTAs on Wednesday, Chubb spoke fondly of Mayfield, who is likely headed for a trade.

“He’ll still always be one of my best friends,” Chubb told reporters including Hayden Grove. “He’s a great guy. I know with his intensity and his attitude, wherever he lands, he’ll be ready.”

It’s a reminder that even when a franchise gives up on a player, his relationships within the locker room can remain strong.

Nick Chubb hypes up Baker Mayfield with Browns departure looming

The relationship between Chubb and Mayfield goes back a few years. They were both drafted by Cleveland in 2018. Mayfield was the No. 1 overall pick while the Browns’ second-round pick was used on Chubb.

The two became centerpieces for the franchise on offense. Chubb started nine games as a rookie and went on to garner three straight Pro Bowl nods. Mayfield was named Rookie of the Year by the Pro Football Writers Association. He led the team to an 11-5 record in 2020.

While Chubb has remained a valued running back, Mayfield’s relationship with the organization has deteriorated beyond saving. It looked like he’d get a final shot to prove himself worth a long-term deal in 2022 but the team instead opted to make a blockbuster trade for Deshaun Watson.

Now, Mayfield is sitting out of OTAs while he waits for the Browns to either trade or release him. The Seahawks and Panthers are reportedly interested but there’s no guarantee a deal will get done.

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