Teven Jenkins has a new diet and workout regime as he looks to impress the new Bears coaching staff

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Chicago Bears offensive lineman Teven Jenkins is doing everything he can to impress the Bears new coaching staff and protect his quarterback.

Teven Jenkins will do whatever is necessary to help the Chicago Bears win football games and keep Justin Fields upright. That includes taking pilates classes.

“You ever do a pilates workout? It is oh my God, ohhh, but it is good for you so I am happy to do it,” Jenkins acknowledged.

There will be no complaints coming from Jenkins on what position he plays for Matt Eberflus and the new Bears coaching staff.

“I’ll play wherever they need me. Get in where you fit in,” Jenkins said with a smile after another day of Bears OTAs.

Jenkins is being asked to “fit in” at right tackle where he played the majority of his time at Oklahoma State. The Matt Nagy-led Bears used Jenkins at left tackle in two starts late last season after Jason Peters got injured– a tough ask for a player who was coming off back surgery.

Hey rook, go play a different position and get comfortable in the NFL at the same time. Good luck.

Jenkins struggled not surprisingly allowing two sacks and seven penalties in six total games and only 160 offensive snaps.

The Bears 2022 offensive scheme led by new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy will reportedly have Justin Fields on the move much more frequently than in his rookie season. The scheme requires offensive linemen to play more athletically.

Jenkins will be in his more comfortable spot at right tackle but will be playing at a slimmed-down weight to accommodate the scheme.

Teven Jenkins taking action to be ready for second season with Bears

To plan for the new challenge, Jenkins has tidied up his diet along with adding his new workout regime. Beer and other carbs like mac and cheese and rice have been reduced. Protein and vegetables combined with flexibility strength are in.

Any lingering effects from the back surgery that kept Jenkins on the sidelines at the start of his NFL career is hopefully over.

“I have no thought about my back,” Jenkins said. “I trust everything that goes into it especially the pilates part making your core strong. As soon as you have your core strong that takes away any back pain you would have. I’m not worried about the back at all. I’m trying to elevate everything about myself mentally and physically.”

Jenkins self reported that he has lost 20 pounds and is down to 325 from 345 last season. His body fat is also lower, 24 percent from 33 at the end of last season.

Jenkins is on a mission to prove to the new Bears regime and perhaps himself that he can be a productive NFL player for the Bears.

“For me, it is about earning trust and earning their belief that I deserve to be on this team still,” Jenkins said. “I’m working for that trust, that’s ultimately what I’m doing. Putting more of that trust that they have into me will make me feel more comfortable and I’ll start playing more comfortable.”

A comfortable, high functioning, athletic, flexible Jenkins would be music to the Bear’s and Justin Field’s ears.

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