Dan Snyder reportedly in trouble as NFL owners try to vote him out

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An anonymous NFL owner told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that the fellow owners are counting that could lead to the ousting of Dan Snyder.

Dan Snyder is no stranger to controversy and investigations. Recently, the Washington Commanders owner is being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Virginia attorney general’s office for financial improprieties.

That has apparently caught the ire of fellow NFL owners.

In a bombshell report by USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, an anonymous NFL owner told the outlet that owners were “counting votes” to potentially oust Snyder as the owner of the Commanders.

Report: NFL owners taking votes to potentially oust Dan Snyder

It is important to note that in order for Snyder to be removed as Commanders owner and forced to sell the team, there would need to be 24 votes to do so. With the anonymous owner’s comments, they are at least exploring the possibility.

This all stems from the Commanders being the subject of a Congressional committee probe, which said that Snyder may have kept two books of financial information to paint a different picture of the team’s money situation, per a report from Front Office Sports.

Not only that but the withholding of ticket revenue, which every team must share 40 percent of among fellow owners.

This is not the first time that the Commanders organization was investigated, as they were the subject of an investigation regarding allegations of a toxic workplace environment. The NFL fined the Commanders $10 million following their investigation.

It is unknown whether owners will vote out Snyder and force him to sell the team, but this one owner is at least taking the steps to see if it can be done.

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