Seattle Seahawks: 3 quarterbacks Seattle should already be eyeing in the 2023 draft class

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Seattle Seahawks

Hendon Hooker looks to pass against Alabama Crimson Tide. (Photo by Marvin Gentry/Getty Images )

The Seattle Seahawks should keep a close eye on these three 2023 NFL Draft eligible quarterbacks.

Seattle will likely look for a new signal caller in the 2023 NFL Draft after trading franchise quarterback Russell Wilson in a massive deal to the Denver Broncos.

The Seahawks have Drew Lock, Jacob Eason and Geno Smith on their roster. Lock came to Seattle in the Wilson trade, and he has started 21 games since getting drafted in 2019. It makes sense why Seattle will look to draft someone else.

He has some experience and will fit nicely with how the Seahawks are looking to run their offense. Lock is a playmaker and showed that in college while at Missouri, but it wasn’t a great fit in Denver. However, with how Seattle plans on running their offense, Lock will likely be the guy in 2022.

The other two quarterbacks have seen their fair share of struggles. Since getting drafted by Indianapolis, Eason hasn’t done much in the league, and Smith has also bounced around some. It seems the Seahawks won’t go after other free agent quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield because he doesn’t fit their system.

While he was a proven winner in Cleveland, something about Mayfield doesn’t sit right in Seattle.

This upcoming season will be a rebuilding one for the Seahawks, especially with this quarterback situation, so for now, Lock could be the guy, but the coaches and front office will watch college football closely to see who they can draft in 2023.

Unless the Seahawks choke so bad they end up with a top 5 pick, they may not get someone like Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud — if those two even declare for the draft.

Who would be the next quarterback to snag after them? Right now mock drafts suggest Seattle will have a top-10 pick, specifically the No.9 overall pick, but by then those two guys are probably going to be off the board.

Some honorable mentions include West Virginia’s JT Daniels, Washington States’ Cam Ward, Boston College’s Phil Jurkovec and Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke. CBS Sports predicts Van Dyke would be who the Seahawks would take at No. 9, but there are better quarterbacks out there than him.

Here are three quarterbacks that would elevate the Seahawks offense who are likely to declare for the 2023 NFL Draft and why they would make great fits in Seattle.

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