Brett Favre welfare scandal: Latest update paints murky picture

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Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer Brett Favre’s welfare scandal is old news, but the latest updates and specifics paint a murky picture.

Favre is one of 38 defendants who’s been accused of misusing welfare funds intended to alleviate property. No. 4’s role in the scandal is tied to Nancy New and John Davis in his home state of Mississippi.

New had access to millions in welfare funds, while Davis allegedly misappropriated said funds in the first place.

Federal money meant for New’sTemporary Assistance for Needy Families nonprofit instead went to retired athletes, and their community projects that didn’t necessarily have a positive impact on the less fortunate in the state.

Brett Favre welfare scandal hurts Mississippi’s most vulnerable

Favre was paid over $1 million for private speaking appearances he allegedly never made. He was also gifted over $5 million for a volleyball facility at Southern Miss. Hattiesburg — Favre’s hometown and also the location of Southern Miss University — has among the highest poverty rates in the state.

The former Packers QB also allegedly used state government money to help fund Prevacus, a start-up drug company specializing in concussion treatment.

In texts exchanged with New and others, Favre made it clear he knew where said money was coming from, with messages such as “I believe if it’s possible she and John Davis would use federal grant money for Prevacus.”

As of now, Favre has denied all allegations against him.

When Davis was eventually replaced, Favre knew the challenges against him to receive necessary funds for the volleyball facility and more.

“Nancy (New) said (Christopher Freeze, the new MDHS director) ain’t our type,” Favre allegedly texted. Jake Vanlandingham, the founder of Prevacus, responded thusly: “F***. Well we may need the governor to make him our type.”

Favre’s self awareness and willingness to go along with a plan that hurt the most vulnerable in his home state is deplorable, if it’s found true.

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