Tom Brady flips double bird at every TV critic

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has a bold, blunt message for anyone criticizing his frustrations on the sideline. 

It seems that Tom Brady has changed ever since he set foot in Tampa Bay — or, at least, his public persona has opened up like never before.

The icy demeanor Brady sported during stoic Patriots press conferences has given way to a guy who dips his toes in a kiddie pool as he jokes around with Rob Gronkowski in their “Tommy & Gronky” sketch. From mentioning “that motherf—–” on LeBron’s James’ “The Shop” to getting drunk off of avocado tequila, Brady has been more vocal about his feelings than ever before.

After all these years, he finally shared his genuine response to criticism from talking heads on television: f— you.

Tom Brady has the perfect response to media comments on his behavior

Right before Brady gives the camera the double bird, media personality Colin Cowherd implies that Brady isn’t always a team player.

“At this point, he’s been so successful at everything he’s done, is he becoming a bad sport?”

“I just look at the tv and I go like this,” Brady responded, gesturing towards the camera with both middle fingers.

“F— you guys. F— you, tv.”

Over the course of his 20-year career, Brady has faced every type of criticism imaginable. Brady was discounted by draft analysts for his lanky build, accused of cheating during the now-debunked Deflategate scandal, and has been criticized for throwing tablets around the way his former Patriots coach has famously done.

The ultra-competitive quarterback has vented his frustrations on the sideline in the past, often calling out players for missing blocks or running routes incorrectly. Brady once got into a heated argument with former Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien as O’Brien ripped off his headset and was shepherded away by another coach.

All jokes aside, Brady clarifies that isn’t worried about what detractors have to say, as he has become an expert at blocking out the noise.

“You block out the noise, because none of it matters,” Brady said. “What we do is get back to what we did all year. Still not perfect, but football is not a game of perfect. We always expect to be at our best.”

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