Trent Brown is recruiting Deebo Samuel to Patriots after trade request

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Amid the renewed Deebo Samuel trade rumors, Trent Brown is wasting absolutely no time in making a recruiting pitch on behalf of the Patriots. 

As if this NFL offseason hasn’t already been absolutely bonkers, Deebo Samuel stirred the pot in a big way on Wednesday when he reportedly requested a trade. The San Francisco 49ers top receiver didn’t cite any specific reason for the request, although it’s been widely speculated that money is the root cause of whatever rift has grown between the Pro Bowler and his team.

While it’s not great news for 49ers fans to chew on, the rest of the league has been presented with yet another sweepstake involving a top skill position player. The fact that the request comes just days before the NFL Draft seems to suggest that a deal will happen sooner rather than later so that San Francisco can capitalize on Samuel’s value this year rather than waiting for future picks to mature.

This is where the New England Patriots enter the picture. Not only was Mac Jones’ rookie season a surprise success, but the team seems positioned to transition out of the Tom Brady years with another game-managing quarterback who fits Bill Belichick’s system.

Deebo Samuel trade rumors: Trent Brown is already recruiting WR to Patriots

Trent Brown, a Belichick’s free agent addition that has since paid off, is thinking exactly what most Patriots fans across the country are thinking. Brown took to Twitter to recruit Samuel to New England.

Part of what made the Patriot’s system work so well under Brady — beyond his generational Hall of Fame talent — was Belichick’s willingness to move draft picks for receivers just like Deebo.

Belichick buying wide receiver lottery tickets, whether with draft capital or free agent money, has been a staple of his front office decisions. The most notable, and perhaps the trend-setting move, was acquiring Randy Moss thus setting up one of the greatest seasons an NFL offense has ever had. Not all of the moves have paid off, but Belichick essentially taking fliers on guys like Brandin Cooks, Mohammad Sanu, Chad Johnson, Antonio Brown, and Nelson Aghlor suggests that he’d be willing to make a move for Samuel.

Samuel, unlike some of those other receivers, appears to be at the absolute peak of his game.

New England isn’t the only team rumored to be interested in Samuel, in fact, they’re not even in the top tier. Kansas City, Green Bay, and the Jets have all been linked to Samuel in the wake of his trade request, but never count out the Patriots to swoop in and make some waves.

There’s history with Belichick and John Lynch, the 49ers general manager. One of the Niners biggest trade chips is starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who Belichick reluctantly traded to San Francisco amid a quarterback controversy with Tom Brady.

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