The Match is back — Brady, Rodgers, Allen, Mahomes all taking part

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The Match is back with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers teaming up to take on Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes on the links in June.

Tom Brady’s cryptic tweet involving Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes had nothing to do with The GOAT forming his own Wolfpack, but assembling a squad to play some golf in The Match.

While we can dissect to the end of time who is who in The Wolfpack (Alan, Doug, Phil, Stu), it will be Brady and Rodgers vs. Allen and Mahomes on the golf course. Clearly, it will be the old dogs of the NFC (Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers) vs. the young guns of the AFC (Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs). The telecast happening on TNT on June 1 is going to be dynamite!

Though we know drama, there is no drama quite like seeing four franchise quarterbacks play golf.

Vegas, baby! The Wolfpack will assemble to play The Match for our enjoyment

The simple fact this year’s rendition of The Match will be played in Las Vegas has NFL and golf fans everywhere waiting with bated breath. It really does not matter who lets the dogs out or if they stay at the real Caesars’ Palace or not, they cannot lose their Doug! Right Doug or Wrong Doug, we are not going to let this group’s Stu pull his own tooth out to distract us from this.

The amount of smack talk happening on the links is going to be off the hook. Brady will flaunt his seven Super Bowl rings, while Rodgers will talk about his latest PK cleanse and NFC Championship game failure. Mahomes will absolutely be discussing the NFL‘s new overtime rules with Allen. Of course, they will all gang up on Allen, who is just happy to be part of The Wolfpack.

TNT will televise The Match beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET on June 1 for those who plan on watching it.

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